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Our Story

Cristy is the inventor of America’s Original Fuel System Water Remover & Gas Line Anti-Freeze, sold under our well known and trusted DRYGAS® Brand.

The idea behind Cristy DRYGAS® was created one cold night on a bus ride between Worcester and Boston MA in 1942. A shoe salesman was riding the bus when it suddenly came to a stop. When he asked what the nature of the problem was the bus driver explained that the sub-freezing temperatures caused a frozen gas-line and the bus to stall. He immediately realized that a tremendous market awaited the development of a remedy to the problem. This shoe salesman was our founder, Quintin Cristy. 

The very the next day he left his own car out in the cold until the gas line froze. Shortly after he had it towed to a garage. The mechanic told him that there was no easy fix for a frozen gas line. The mechanic informed him his only option was to leave the car in a heated garage until the gas line unfroze.

While continuing to work as a shoe salesman he began spending every night and weekend experimenting. After months of trial and error he finally found the formula for what we know as DRYGAS®.

DRYGAS® is the first product to have the ability to remove water from the fuel system and prevent frozen gas lines.

Since 1942 an excess of over 350,000,000 million containers of Cristy Brand products have been sold.