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DRYGAS Gas Line Anti-Freeze and Water Remover

  • $ 3.25

When DRYGAS is added to the gas tank, it sinks to the bottom and mixes with any water.  Since DRYGAS and water are heavier than gasoline, theygo to the bottom of the gas tank. DRYGAS absorbs the water and keeps it from freezing, and blocking the flow of gasoline through the gas line and fuel pump.

      • The original brand for fast cold weather starts, and year-round water removal. 
      • Prevents gas-line freeze-up.
      • Removes water from fuel system. 
      • Prevents rust and corrosion.
      • Safe for use in all 4-cycle engines, including fuel injected engines.
      • DO NOT use in 2-cycle (gas and oil mixture) engines, or in diesel engines: use Isopropyl DRYGAS.

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